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Thought for the Day

On the day when that vicious Muammar Gaddafi got his just deserts from the Libyan people who were actually oppressed and who had real cause to protest and rise up – and did with the moral and real support of Nato I came across this quote by Karl Popper, which seemed to fit since there are also more ridiculous protests worldwide – on the news tonight in Melbourne, having started in Wall Street, and with a branch here in Auckland also – against corporations. I mean really, if you don’t like them don’t buy their stuff. And if you object to their influence in politics and the bailouts then you should have voted for more libertarian candidates who understand Austrian economics and not that Keynesian bollocks.

Democracies have serious drawbacks. They certainly are not better than they ought to be. But corruption can occur under any kind of government. And I think that every serious student of history will agree, upon consideration, that our Western democracies are not only the most prosperous societies in history-that is important, but not so very important-but the freest, the most tolerant, and the least repressive large societies of which we have historical knowledge…One must fight those who make so many young people unhappy by telling them that we live in a terrible world, in a kind of capitalist hell. The truth is that we live in a wonderful world, in a beautiful world, and in an astonishingly free and open society. Of course it is fashionable, it is expected, and it is almost demanded from a Western intellectual to say the opposite.


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